Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is traditionally considered the treatment of choice for patients with psychological Erectile Dysfunction. It requires the cooperation of the sexual partner and involves multiple sessions with an experienced sex therapist. Patients often find psychological treatment either impractical due to lack of participation from the partner, or to be a long, tedious and expensive process often with inconsistent results.

On the contrary, treatment that results in a tangible erection such as that from ICP can often provide immediate relief and rapid restoration of confidence, often enough to resolve the psychological conflict. When dealing with a more complex and deep rooted psychological case, the physical effect of ICP may only provide a short term relief. Expert help from an experienced psychologist or sex therapist is necessary for long term improvement.

How does ICP help in psychological Erectile Dysfunction?

The application of ICP results in a reliable, full and lasting erection regardless of the state of mind (i.e. the fear of failure, anxiety or nervousness). With the security of having a full erection every time you make love, you will be able to focus more on the pleasures of lovemaking (i.e. giving and receiving pleasure), instead of worrying about losing your erection. As soon as you are more relaxed and your confidence has been restored, you may be able to perform sexually without using ICP.

To optimize the effect of the treatment, you should start using ICP each and every time you have sexual intercourse. In order to avoid relapses, you should complete the Treatment Program recommended by your physician. This treatment is not designed to be permanent but rather a remedial measure to help "snap" you out of that cycle of repeated failure and jump start you on the path of success.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this package is for general reading and is not intended to provide medical advice which can only be obtained by direct consultation with the doctors.